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Neuroscience for Brand Experiences

  • October 26, 2022

Want your Brand Experience to convert from enjoyment to sales?

Live Brand Experience Events are BACK! They are an incredible way to reach your customers where they live, work and play so they can fully engage with your brand in person.

Live events are an essential part of every brand’s marketing strategy, but creating Brand Experiences is costly, time consuming, and does not always increase your sales. Even worse, iterating to make an amazing event burns lots of time and money and you're still guessing what works and what doesn’t.

Measuring the design of your brand activation event saves ensures your Call to Action (CTA) result in....action! But, what should you measure to know - not guess - what will work?

Don’t worry. Lively’s got you!


How can Lively help you increase love in your brand experiences?

Lively is the personal neuroscience platform you use as you design and execute Brand Experiences.

With Lively, powered by the neuromarketing technology of Immersion – you will see exactly the parts of your experience that are immersive or not as you refine your event to make it rock peoples' brains. 

Lively’s objective, predictive, and granular measures give you the confidence that you will have an impact on attendees that they will not forget.


How do you use Lively to optimize Brand Experiences?

Simple. You create a specific neurologic state in your audience. At Lively, we call this state Immersion, named for the technology that powers our platform. Immersion induces the audiences' brains to release the attachment neurochemical oxytocin.

Very science-y, we know. But stay with us . .

"Oxytocin increases perceptions of brand competence ... and participants are willing to pay more for branded products through its effect on brand competence" says published scientific research.1

The release of oxytocin forms a physiologic attachment to your brand. In other words, immersive brand experiences cause people to fall in love--and pay more for--your products and services. Lively measures brain immersion in real-time, second-by-second, so you can easily design an experience that generates brand love.

 When brand event attendees experience immersion - they will remember your brand, talk about your brand, and buy your brand.


How do you use Lively?

It is so simple. You set up your experience and invite attendees to wear a fitness sensor while they peruse the event. You can even incorporate the sensors as wearables that are sponsored and branded as a marketing tool within theEmployee Turns on wondr. App (4) event.

At any time during the event, you log into the Lively platform and watch the data in real-time giving the tools to tweak and modify so you wow everyone. At the end of the event, you receive a full, downloadable report of the moments of high and low immersion within Lively. You can tag key moments in the event to understand what was happening during the spikes and troughs to optimize future events.

Here's a key take-away from our two decades of measuring Immersion: To have the biggest impact on brain and behavior, CTAs should occur at peak immersion moments. You'll only know this when you measure what matters: Immersion.

How do you get started?

Do you want to accelerate experience design and create amazing experiences? Lively gives you real-time feedback so you can design an experience attendees will love and CTA’s that covert into action.

Drop us a note today for a free demo to see how easy it is to create brand love!



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