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Neuroscience for Conferences & Events

  • October 26, 2022

Are you exhausted by creating content & experiences for Conferences & Events without understanding the impact?

Hosting a Conference of Corporate Event is an incredible way to engage customers, employees and industry friends. But it’s expensive, time consuming and difficult to understand exactly what will resonate with your attendees.

We often rely on self-reporting surveys after these events to understand what people loved – or didn’t love. But surveys do not always paint a clear picture or help us to improve for future events.

When people attend a lengthy conference all day and then communicate their experience to you – they aren’t always able to clearly explain their moments of understanding, connection or frustration from the event.

In fact – we mostly end up hearing if the food was good or the room was too cold instead of anything actually useful!

It’s not the attendees’ fault they can’t give you conclusive results. It’s human nature for people to struggle with communicating how they truly feel about something. In other words – people lie. Not because they want to. But because the unconscious brain connects to things we can’t always verbalize with our conscious minds.

You wouldn’t ask your stomach to tell you how’s it’s been digesting lately or ask your liver if it liked that steak last night! And equally so – we cannot expect to understand what our unconscious brains are doing.

You want to really understand what people loved about your Conference or Event that will stick with them? Or the things that frustrated them so they tuned out.

Or maybe you just want to know how often and how long you need the breaks to be so you can ensure you have their undivided attention!

You need to measure their brain directly.


How can Lively Show me how to create impressive and memorable conferences & events?

Lively is the personal neuroscience platform for meetings and events to measure what wows attendees and what puts them to sleep.

With Lively, powered by the neuroscience technology of Immersion, you can measure attendees’ brains in real time during an event.

Lively shows you in real-time what people value the most from a meeting and what frustrates them, directly from from their brains. Lively’s objective, predictive, and granular measures give you the confidence to understand exactly what sparked people, what fell flat or when they need to take a break. Event organizes monitor Lively to create real-time pivots so every event is your best event.

Lively's metrics have been scientifically proven to accurately predict event enjoyment and information retention weeks after an experience. These two metrics are a key part of the ROI from a meeting. And, Lively shows you specifically how to improve parts of an event to drive up its ROI.

 With Lively – you will know for certain what sparked people love about meetings and events.


How do you use Lively to optimize conferences & events?

Simple. You measure a specific neurologic state in your trainees. At Lively, we call this state Immersion, named for the technology that powers our platform. Immersion induces the attendees’ brains to release the attachment neurochemical oxytocin.

Very science-y, we know. But stay with us . . .

The release of oxytocin forms a physiologic attachment to your event. In other words, it causes people’s brains to love the experience, lean in and retain information.

You want to measure for that state and optimize it for key important moments at your event.

Lively measures immersion in real-time, second-by-second, so you can easily measure the state of immersion and pinpoint the moments in your event where it spiked.

When your attendees experience immersion – you know for sure they are loving your event.


How do you use Lively?

It is so simple. You invite participants to wear a fitness sensor during a meeting. Many companies have sponsors brandEmployee Turns on wondr. App (9) wearables as give-aways that attendees will use every day. Lively does not collect personally identifiable information, but individuals can look at their own data seeing what they loved about the experience, increasing the event's values.

The Lively platform will sync video of the event, if captured, with immersion data so organizers can visually determine what parts of the experience amaze attendees and which parts need improvement. For example, a large professional services company used Lively to find that longer breaks increased immersion and enjoyment during their training.

During the event, you log into the Lively platform and watch the data in real-time to understand how the group’s brains are connecting or pulling back as your event evolves. This helps you to structure events with high immersion and networking and rest breaks to ensure your attendees love every part of your event.

At the end of the event, Lively sends you a full, downloadable report of the moments of high and low immersion.  This means you do not have to review hours and hours of data because Lively shows you what parts were awesome and awful.

You can also tag key moments while they happen to capture portions of the event that are unsually or interesting. And you can monitor the lows to make changes before things really go badly.

With Lively – you have data that definitively explains what your attendees love and what they don't. This helps you go forward confidently in creating better conferences and events and iterating for improvement!

How do you get started?

Want to use Lively in your training to design your next event?

Drop us a note today for a free demo to see how easy it is to use Lively in your testing phase!




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